Pirates Stole my Accounts…and more excuses

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Drummond Laurie Chartered Accountants

Every year companies house receive unusual excuses from directors who fail to file their company accounts on time, here’s a few of them:


“goats ate my accounts”

“I found my wife in the bath with my accountant”

“we delivered the accounts to the betting office next door to Companies House”

“a volcano erupted and prevented me from filing”

“slugs ate my accounts”

“it was Valentine’s Day”

The companies that gave these excuses received a late filing penalty and their appeals were not surprisingly unsuccessful.  Companies and directors must be aware of their responsibility to file accounts with Companies House.

This can all be avoided by making sure that you have an advisor who will take care of this for you.  Just ask us how, for more details please contact us on 01324 441280 or email gillian.niven@drummondlaurie.co.uk


Celebrating our 5th Anniversary

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Drummond Laurie Chartered Accountants

How time flies when you’re having fun, this week we celebrated our 5th anniversary as Drummond Laurie.    Thank you to everyone who has supported us to date and especially all of our clients.

In our usual style we had a wee day out, this year we headed to Bo’ness Railway and have a lovely journey on a steam train followed by a BBQ.  Here’s some pictures of our day!






Become a CA

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Drummond Laurie Chartered AccountantsWe had a lovely evening last week at Stirling University talking to students interested in a career in accountancy.

If you’re thinking about a career in business, accountancy or finance, then becoming a Chartered Accountant can take you there. It could be one of the best choices you ever make.

The stereotype is that chartered accountancy is dull and boring. However, the reality is anything but! You’ll do so much more than crunch numbers: as a CA you will get to grips with what it means to make (and keep!) a business successful.

ICAS CAs have truly amazing careers, working for top brand names and setting up successful businesses. The ICAS CA qualification is internationally recognised and respected around the world.

Companies, no matter their size, need chartered accountants. If you choose to become a chartered accountant, your career is likely to be stable with strong demand for your skills.

If you want your career to be challenging, rewarding and exciting, becoming an ICAS CA offers all of this and more.

If you’re ready to take the first step towards becoming a CA, our trainee vacancies for 2019 can be found here.

HMRC changes that will impact your business – MTD

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As a VAT- registered business over the £85,000 turnover threshold there are major changes coming Drummond Laurie Chartered Accountantsfrom HMRC that will affect your business.

Making Tax Digital means that from April 2019 businesses will need to submit their VAT Returns through compatible software and keep digital records of their accounts.

We have previously advised you that we are looking into this and please trust that, behind the scenes, we continue to do so.

We always have our clients well being at the forefront of what we do and we want to find a solution for you that both meets the HMRC requirements and is economical and manageable for you.

HMRC are still testing MTD and how it will work in practice and most of the accounting software suppliers are still setting their prices for the upgrades required for their systems, therefore, there is still much to be confirmed before all options are available for businesses.

Every business is different in respect of software and book-keeping options and we don’t believe that there is one solution which fits all.   We will be in touch with each of our clients individually explaining their options for MTD.

If you do have any questions in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact Julie McVicar, julie.mcvicar@drummondlaurie.co.uk or your usual Drummond Laurie contact.


Developing our Future

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Drummond Laurie Chartered Accountants

We were delighted recently to be invited to take part in a video with Developing Young Workforce Forth Valley and we were even more delighted when Jessica, one of our C.A. Trainees agreed to be our star for the day!

DYW exists to encourage and support businesses to create and develop meaningful, sustainable partnerships that develop young people by engaging directly with education, and encouraging local businesses to employ more young people.

Here are a few good reasons to be involved:

  • helping young people develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge for your business
  • inspiring young people to work for you and securing a talent flow
  • promoting a positive awareness of your business in the community
  • promoting improved career choices and supporting diversity in the workplace
  • giving something back to your community
  • applying the perspective and skills of young people to your business challenges
  • providing development opportunities for your staff
  • it makes good business sense!

All employers, regardless of size and type, can make a valuable contribution to preparing young people for the world of work, and it makes good business sense to get involved in developing your potential workforce.

To see Jessica’s video click here

For more information on our current vacancies visit careers









Experts in Creating Careers

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Our 2019 Accountant Trainee and Summer Internship jobs are now available on the careers page on our
Drummond Laurie Chartered Accountantswebsite, click here for more details and how to apply.

Our training is designed with the specific purpose of giving you the best of both worlds: fast access to credible learning opportunities and the consideration to allow you to focus on what’s important – your studies, whilst at the same time offering hands on client experience and fun!


Last Chance Childcare Vouchers Scheme

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You may be aware that the government proposed to close the existing ‘Childcare Vouchers Scheme’ (CVS) to newDrummond Laurie Chartered Accountants entrants from 6th April 2018.  This scheme, in a lot of cases, is more beneficial than the new scheme introduced as its replacement – Tax-Free Childcare (TFC).

However, following a parliamentary debate after the Chancellor’s Spring Statement in March 2018, the Government announced they would keep the existing scheme open to new entrants, for a further 6 months.

The old scheme will now close to new entrants on 3rd October 2018.  From 4th October 2018, new entrants will no longer be eligible for CVS and the only option left will be to register for the TFC scheme.  For monthly paid employees, this will mean that the last opportunity, for new entrants, to purchase these vouchers, will be in their September pay.   If you believe this scheme would benefit you, please act now.

Please see our original blog for more details here

Promotion News

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Drummond Laurie Chartered AccountantsAs we approach our fifth birthday celebrations at Drummond Laurie it’s a great time to reflect and remind ourselves how much has been achieved over the last five years.

When we started Drummond Laurie our main focus was on providing a very high level of client service, which was something as a team we managed exceptionally well.  This is not something that was achieved overnight or easily and certainly not something that was achieved by any particular individual, but rather by the contribution that each and every one of our team give on a daily basis.

With this in mind we remain committed to providing a sound platform to enable our staff to reach their career aspirations and so we are delighted to announce the promotions of  Julie McVicar to Associate Director and  Robert McMillan to Senior Manager.

Congratulations Julie & Robert on your achievements to date, your promotions demonstrate the hard work, commitment & contribution you have given to Drummond Laurie.

Our clients are vital to us, but so too are our staff and if you think Drummond Laurie might be the place for you,  have a look at our current opportunities here.

A Busy Week!

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This week has been a busy one at Drummond Laurie!  Where to start?Drummond Laurie Chartered Accountants

Last Friday when Elaine didn’t turn up for work we didn’t expect a call to say her baby had arrived!  Welcome to Euan George Campbell who made a very early arrival at 10.10am on 17th August at a small, but perfectly formed, 5lb 10oz.  Mummy & baby both well and we send our love and congratulations to Elaine & Peter.

Next Caitlin Fulton joined us straight from school and will work with us for 12 months before beginning her CA Training in September 2019.  Caitlin did a work experience week with us last year while still a pupil at Falkirk High School.

Last and by no means least we said farewell to Barry Evans who has been a huge asset to our team since joining us just over two years ago.  Australia’s gain is our loss!  We wish both Barry and Laura the very best of luck as they head off on their big adventure and we hope to see him again sometime in the future!

Of course this all  just meant more cake!!!





An Interns View

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Drummond Laurie Chartered Accountants

This year Mike McLean spent his summer with us, here’s his view.

My fantastic summer has nearly come to an end. Having had no prior experience working as an accountant – or even working in an office – I couldn’t have hoped for a better place to work. I’ve had a great eleven weeks working with a very patient team, who were always on hand to help.  The team made sure I performed a wide range of tasks in order to give me as much experience as possible. I really didn’t expect to be given as much responsibility as I have been, but I’ve been delighted with the contribution I’ve been able to make over the summer and it has really helped build my confidence.

I’m so pleased to have been given the opportunity to put my knowledge I’ve gained at university into practice, and I have really enjoyed pushing myself. The internship consolidated my existing knowledge and helped to build upon this, learning something new every single day.

This summer has given me a huge confidence boost along with the motivation to complete my degree, and I’m hoping to follow this  up by studying to become a chartered accountant. The ACCA & ICAS students have been so helpful and were always willing to help – even when I asked my millionth question! Having the opportunity to speak to the students has given me a good idea of what life as a CA student would be like.

It really wouldn’t have been the same without such a welcoming and helpful team so I would like to thank them for that. There’s always something going on in the office which I really enjoyed – I almost averaged a slice of cake a week during my time here through birthdays and weddings!

Thanks again to Drummond Laurie for giving me such an excellent opportunity.

Thank you to you for all your hard work and best of luck Mike in your last year at university, keep in touch.


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