Mary Jack

Mary is a Partner at Drummond Laurie Chartered Accountants and with over 14 years’ experience her main role is to build and maintain strong relationships with clients and to advise them in relation to how to grow their business. Mary take’s great pride in being a “people person”, she enjoys seeing her clients succeed in their business and personal goals.

Her main area of expertise is in producing financial accounts, tax computations & any other relevant financial analysis relevant to her client base and ensuring that this is interpreted and discussed with the client.

Mary enjoys meeting with her clients regularly and more importantly she likes to look forward with her clients and if appropriate develop strategic plans to ensure their business remains at the forefront of the relevant industry.

Whenever possible, Mary enjoys being involved in all aspects of her clients financial affairs including involvement in key meetings with the bank, solicitors etc.

In her spare time Mary loves being a mummy to her two boys Dylan & Oscar, and spending time with her husband Kris.