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20161026_101746-640x360We’re having some Halloween fun this week at Drummond Laurie but there’s also an important deadline on the 31st October.halloween

Whether you are a self-employed sole trader, a partner in a business partnership, or a company director, it is essential that you follow by the deadlines set out by HMRC for the submission of a self-assessment tax return.

By now, you should have already registered with HMRC declaring the need to file a tax return. You should have also received your Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR); this information is vital for filling in your tax return.

There are two key dates that need bearing in mind for the tax year for 2015-2016 ended April 5th: For paper based tax returns, the deadline for submission is 31st October. If you are planning to send your return via paper, you must post it directly to HMRC. Thereafter, you may only file your return online by 31st January at the latest.

For more information please contact Margaret Bunyan on 01324 441266 or email


Another New Face

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keithDrummond Laurie Chartered AccountantsIt’s all go at Drummond Laurie and this week we were delighted to welcome Keith Purvis to our team.  Keith worked for many years with a firm in the Borders and has extensive knowledge of owner managed businesses he then worked in Edinburgh where he specialised in the restaurant trade.

Keith enjoys most sports, going to the gym and live music.

Growing our farming team!

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elaineWe’re delighted to welcome to the team Elaine Purdon who joins us with a wide knowledge of Drummond Laurie Chartered Accountantsagriculture gained from her home life growing up and still living on a farm and working as a Farm Business Secretary for several years.  Elaine will be starting her ACCA training with Drummond Laurie.

In her spare time Elaine enjoys baking and cake decorating, which we will soon find out more about as we’ll put her to the test at one of our cake days very soon!




National Minimum Wage Increases

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Drummond Laurie Chartered AccountantsFrom Saturday October 1 2016, the National Minimum Wage (NMW) increases for some age bands.

The National Minimum Wage is the minimum rate of pay per hour most workers are entitled to by law.

The rate will depend on a worker’s age and if they are an apprentice.

For more information visit National Minimum Wage or contact Isobel Lee on 01324 441276 or by email to


Hospice Care is…

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hospice-week-3Drummond Laurie Chartered AccountantsToday is the last day of Hospice Care Week, here’s Gillian Niven she thinks it’s extra special!   As a member of the Council of Management Gillian says it’s a privilege to be involved and is very proud of the support that she, her colleagues and friends have been able to do thus far.  As an independent hospice, they need to raise over £11,000 every day just to keep their services running.strathcarron

Being in Partnership with Strathcarron Hospice…

Supporting Strathcarron Hospice in your workplace is a great way to build camaraderie  whilst raising money to support your local community and potentially your own friends, family, colleagues and customers.

The hospice team will help you to support any fundraising initiatives you wish to put in place such as team building or motivational staff exercises. Organising a fundraising event can be a great way for staff to work together to reach their joint goal and can encourage some healthy competition between different teams.

Here at Drummond Laurie we try and support where we can by volunteering at can collections or events.  In the office we hold regular coffee mornings or soup lunches.  We enter teams into events such as the recent 10K and next year already have some names signed up for the new Stirling Marathon to support the hospice, much more on that to follow!

Get involved, support your local hospice in your community for without it where would we be!




Hospice Care is…

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hospice-week-4Drummond Laurie Chartered AccountantsAnne-Marie Banner another member of our payroll team shares with us her memories of what hospice care means to her.

Strathcarron Hospice has over 600 volunteers working in both the main hospice building in Denny and in the charity shops throughout the Forth Valley, Cumbernauld and Kilsyth area.strathcarron

The volunteers are one of Strathcarron Hospice’s greatest resources; they simply couldn’t do what they do without them and if they had to pay for the volunteers services within the hospice alone it would amount to nearly half a million pounds a year.

But the value is far more than the financial contribution. They bring their talents, experiences, humour and hard work, all of which contribute to the unique culture and atmosphere within Strathcarron.





3 Years On…

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Drummond Laurie Chartered Accountantsdl3The end of September marked the 3rd anniversary of Drummond Laurie.  How quickly the time has passed and how we far we have come in that 3 years!  From humble beginnings in our early days we have firmly established ourselves as one of the most respected firms of chartered accountants in Central Scotland.  We have demonstrated that there is still very much a place in our profession for local and independent advisers.

As we celebrate this anniversary we asked David Wheeler, our Managing Partner,  to give us a few words;

“Two groups of people deserve all of the credit for the progress which we have made.  Firstly our clients who have been incredibly supportive of our firm.  We make no secret of the fact that our sole focus is on delivering the best service we possibly can at all times to our clients.   Every day we “go the extra mile” to assist and hopefully add value to our clients and their businesses.  This does not go unnoticed and our clients know and appreciate that the service they are getting is of an exceptional standard.  It’s always great when they let our team know of their appreciation and even better when they refer their friends and business contacts into Drummond Laurie, which happens on a regular basis.

The second group who deserve all the credit, of course, is our wonderfully skilled and devoted team based in Grangemouth and Perth.  Whilst we are a diverse group in many ways, from teenagers to those of us past our half century, from trainee accountants to experienced payroll specialists and from those of us who have worked together for many years to those who have joined us more recently, there are certain traits which bind us together.  All of our team are client focussed and are passionate in their desire to deliver the very best service we can.  They understand the importance of the strength of the relationships we build with our clients and so, at Drummond Laurie, whilst the technical abilities of our team are a given, their personalities are often what set them apart.  Our team have shown very clearly the power of teamwork and it really is a privilege to work with such a talented and committed group.

I’m sure that exciting times lie ahead at Drummond Laurie, for our client and for our team and take this opportunity to thank them all for their support and contributions over the last 3 years as well as wishing them the very best for the years which lie ahead.”



Hospice Care is…

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hospice-week-6Drummond Laurie Chartered AccountantsEven when off on maternity leave we get messages for this!  Julie McVicar shares her thoughts on what Hospice Care means to her.  We sneaked in a wee updated picture of Glen now 4 months old!  glen3


Hospice Care is…

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hospice-week-7Drummond Laurie Chartered AccountantsHere’s another special wee lady with her thoughts on hospice care.  Meet Macy, daughter of Fiona Ireland who is part of our payroll team.   Lovely to see Macy in her school uniform we normally see pictures of her in her Wasps Girls football strip or her Tae Kwon Do suit!strathcarron

Hospice Care is…

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Drummond Laurie Chartered Accountantshospice-week-5This morning we bring you two happy faces telling us what hospice care means to them.  This is Amie and Emma our colleague Gillian McClelland’s daughters and today is a special day for Amie too, 10 today!  Happy Birthday!strathcarron

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