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Important Information on Email Security

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email2Drummond Laurie Chartered AccountantsWith the seemingly unstoppable move to email as the primary form of business communication, there is the growing risk of fraud and theft from malicious emails apparently sent from someone inside your organisation, or from a supplier or contractor, that have actually been sent from an impostor attempting to extract money from you.

These emails usually take the form of a request from a senior official in your organisation requesting that an urgent payment be made (often with an instruction not to discuss the matter with anyone else) or a request from a contractor or supplier to send all future payments to a new bank account as they have changed their banking arrangements. 

It can sometimes be quite difficult to identify these fraudulent emails as the perpetrator will often go to great lengths to make the email appear as genuine as possible, but sometimes some simple checks will often catch them out. 

For those that do get through, putting proper procedures in place around your finance or payments function will reduce or eliminate the chances that action taken in response to such emails will actually result in financial loss. 

A copy of our advice on dealing with such emails, and some suggestions to the procedures to put in place is available here

For specific information or advice relating to your business, we would advise contacting your IT department or adviser, but for general queries then please email



Tax Return Deadline Looms

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tax janDrummond Laurie Chartered AccountantsEveryone at Drummond Laurie will be breathing a huge sigh of relief next week with the passing of the 2015/16 tax deadline on 31 January 2017. We come back from our festive break and get our heads down for the busiest month of the year, to ensure our clients have their tax returns filed on time.

This year the deadline falls at midnight on Tuesday January 31 – but the website and phone lines are likely to be very busy on Monday 30, so it’s worth getting it done before the weekend.

If you miss the deadline, you’ll receive an automatic penalty of £100, which will grow by £10 a day after three months, up to a maximum of £900.

For more information on our tax and other services please get in touch in the first instance via email to


A New Arrival

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Chris babyDrummond Laurie Chartered Accountants2017 got of to a great start with the arrival of Niamh Georgia Todd born on 6th January at 1.16am weighing 9lbs 14.5oz, a second daughter for Chris and Gemma.

Chris is now enjoying some time at home with his family, while everyone here is busy with tax returns!  Mummy and daughter are both doing great and Isla already loves being a big sister.






A Christmas Wedding

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jan MB WeddingDrummond Laurie Chartered AccountantsWedding bells rang on Wednesday 28th December when Margaret Bunyan married Neil Brownlie at New Lanark Mill.

We hope that you both had a wonderful day and all your friends and colleagues at Drummond Laurie wish you a long and happy marriage.

After a short break Margaret is back at her desk but looking forward to her honeymoon in May this year.


Happy New Year!

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Drummond Laurie Chartered Accountants2017Happy new year from everyone at Drummond Laurie and best wishes for a healthy, prosperous and peaceful 2017.  Once again we go into a new year thinking that it can’t get any more turbulent than the one we have just left behind.  Few among us expected that 2016 would see the UK vote to leave the EU and end the year with our second woman prime minister in place!  It’s hard to believe that we can ever have gone into a new year with such uncertainty in the air over what lies ahead.  In the unprecedented situation which the UK and EU finds itself in, we shouldn’t really be surprised that no-one can tell us with any certainty how events are going to unfold over the coming two years or more.

So what should we be doing to ready ourselves for whatever may come our way?  At DL we are advising our clients to treat things very much as “business as usual”.  Continue to apply the sound business principals which have seen you through the recessionary years and beyond.

  • Be clear on what your market place is.
  • Make clear to that market what differentiates you from your competition.
  • Ensure that you know your break-even turnover level at the start of each month.
  • Constantly review your practices to identify any efficiencies which may help reduce this break-even level or improve the level of service you give to customers.
  • Focus on the KPI’s in your business which, if managed well, make the difference.
  • Focus more on what lies ahead than what lies in the past.
  • Be nimble and ready to adapt your approach as circumstances change.

Make it your new year resolution to follow the above principals and watch your business surge forwards regardless of the obstacles which the wider economy may place in your path.  Our team at DL are experienced in guiding businesses on the right path, so if you are not already a client please get in touch to see what we can do for you!

David Wheeler



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