Drummond Laurie Chartered AccountantsAfter my fifth week of ten I’m halfway through my summer student time already!

So far, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at Drummond Laurie and the overall experience has surpassed my expectations in so many ways.

In terms of the day to day work, I’ve had the chance to work for all departments from business services to payroll and outsourcing. I’ve loved the variety of tasks I’ve been set and enjoy seeing the accounts production from start to finish. Getting to work on and make my contribution to real clients’ accounts is something I wasn’t expecting! Generally, I expected administrative tasks to be the bulk of my work, which is not the case, and I like coming to work in the morning knowing I’m going to learn something new. Working on reception and managing the phones has allowed me to meet real Drummond Laurie clients and be part of their experience, which I’ve really enjoyed. My experience so far has confirmed that becoming a chartered accountant is what I’d like to do.emma1

Everyone here has been so friendly and welcoming. Settling into a busy office environment is alien to me and so I appreciate how approachable all staff members are. There’s a great social atmosphere within the office, which instantly made me less nervous on day one. I enjoy how the pods are arranged around mixed experience, so there is always someone knowledgeable and willing to help close by. All the students have been so lovely as well, they’re always happy to help when I need a hand. I look forward to going out on a Friday for lunch and they’ve given me a fab insight into what my life could be like after I graduate next year.No-pressure

I’m looking forward to the next five weeks, I’m going to take over Twitter for Drummond Laurie and tell you something new every day. This will help me get to know the team and what everyone does bit more, I’d love to see this famous cake day and they’ve promised that to me if I increase the followers! #NoPressure