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As a firm, we have always invested in developing the technical abilities of our team.  Whether this be putting our graduate recruits through professional studies, or providing post qualification training in areas such as tax, accountancy and payroll, etc, we have ensured that our team are always fully trained and up to date in relation to technical developments.

However, being technically competent is the minimum our clients expect of us.  What sets Drummond Laurie apart from others in our field is the manner in which we deliver the services we provide and our ability to build lasting relationships both with our clients and within our own team.  To date, these skillsets have largely been self-taught and learned within the workplace.  As we reach our 10th year the decision has been taken to devote more resource to developing these key skills which include;

Effective communication  |  Prioritisation   Objective setting
Giving and receiving feedback  | Proactivity  |  Delegation

To achieve this goal, we are proud and delighted to launch our Drummond Laurie Academy.  The Academy will be led by our training partner, the Gro Group, will be held residentially at an off-site location, and will be focussed on taking some of our top talent on the next stage of their development.

This will benefit the individuals in adding to their personal skillsets and hopefully setting them up for a more rewarding career with Drummond Laurie.  It will also benefit the firm as it expands the team of skilled advisers we have, which in turn will benefit the clients we serve.

The content of the course has been put together by the senior Drummond Laurie team and so focuses on the specific skills and attributes which we believe will make the biggest impact on our team and give the biggest benefit to our clients.

“You do not grow a business. You grow people who in turn grow the business.” 
The Drummond Laurie Academy marks the start of the next crucial chapter in the development of our business as we grow the skillsets of the extremely talented people in our team.

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