What is a government gateway account?  

 A government gateway account is a very useful tool.  It is a central place where you can register with HMRC, in order to use online government services.   

 This is a free service, which is quick to set up, and very beneficial.  The government is driving everything down a digital route, so best to be prepared for this transition.  

 Why would you need a government gateway account?  

 It’s a really useful tool for everyone to have access to (whether employed or self employed).  It will basically provide you with the same snap shot of information that HMRC can see about you and your business on their own systems, which can be extremely useful.   

 There are also tools on here, for example, being able to spread your tax bill, if you meet certain criteria.   This can save a lot of time in not having to call HMRC.  I’m sure we’ve all had experience of the lengthy wait times when calling HMRC!    


 If you don’t already have access to a government gateway account, you can set one up at the following link; 


If you don’t already have an account, we would highly recommend that you register now.