20161026_101746-640x360We’re having some Halloween fun this week at Drummond Laurie but there’s also an important deadline on the 31st October.halloween

Whether you are a self-employed sole trader, a partner in a business partnership, or a company director, it is essential that you follow by the deadlines set out by HMRC for the submission of a self-assessment tax return.

By now, you should have already registered with HMRC declaring the need to file a tax return. You should have also received your Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR); this information is vital for filling in your tax return.

There are two key dates that need bearing in mind for the tax year for 2015-2016 ended April 5th: For paper based tax returns, the deadline for submission is 31st October. If you are planning to send your return via paper, you must post it directly to HMRC. Thereafter, you may only file your return online by 31st January at the latest.

For more information please contact Margaret Bunyan on 01324 441266 or email margaret.bunyan@drummondlaurie.co.uk20161026_102104-640x360