Drummond Laurie Chartered Accountantssnow4This week we’ve been battered by weather from Siberia. As things worsened, we had various red warnings for blizzard-like conditions.

How are businesses supposed to deal with weather conditions that have not been seen for almost a decade?

Thankfully it’s rare, the last big freeze happened in 2010, when 20% of workers were unable to get to work, resulting in a £1.2bn hit to the UK economy.

Organisational responses to the kinds of disruption experienced this week should be part of a good business continuity plan. Where some employers still expect to see employees at the office no matter what, employment law and common sense suggest it is better not to risk staff health and safety.

We stayed safe at Drummond Laurie, although we had to close the office, a red weather warning meant it was unsafe to travel, most of our team are able to work from home, keep in touch with our clients and make sure nothing slips.  Our payroll and outsourcing teams were able to continue processing and submitting BACS ensuring employees and suppliers were paid on time.  Our accounts team are able to help with client queries and ensure any work needing done could still be carried out.

All that said we look forward to normality next week and returning to the office.