Drummond Laurie Chartered AccountantsstrathcarronSome of you may have been following the Strathcarron 2016 High Atlas Mountain Challenge through our Social Media. This was the first overseas challenge for the Hospice and we at Drummond Laurie were delighted to be able to be a part of this.

Our fundraising efforts mean that we have been able to support the Hospice with well over £30,000.

To quote one of our team on their return, “It’s called a challenge for a reason, it was tough, much tougher than any of us had imagined but on reaching the summit it was amazing and would I change it for the world – never!”DSCF4968 (640x467)

As a  group we averaged over 30,000 steps each and every day in extreme weather conditions – the heat meant that we were up and away from camp each day at between 3am and 6am.  This meant trekking in the dark with only a head torch for light and the terrain under-foot was extremely challenging with rocks and rubble and sometimes a sheer drop on one side. Camp would be set up on arrival but don’t think for a minute this included home-comforts (unless you consider a hole in the ground and baby wipes as your choice of bathroom!).  Our two Moroccan guides were a wonderful addition to our group with their knowledge of the mountain range together with their motivation to keep everyone on the move during difficult times, particularly if there was a fall or sickness due to the high altitude.

We would like to thank Strathcarron for allowing us to be part of this fabulous experience and our fellow trekkers for the laughs, tears and new friendships made!  If you have been inspired to take on your own challenge then please contact fundraising@strathcarronhospice.net      DSCF4736 (1280x959)