Drummond Laurie Chartered AccountantsAfter a brilliant 2015 for Drummond Laurie and our staff, we start 2016 with more good news, as we are delighted to announce the promotion of David Anderson to manager!   David has been an integral part of the Drummond Laurie team since day 1 and we were thrilled to reward David’s hard work and dedication with the progression he deserves.

Congratulations to David on his achievements to date and as a valuable member of our team we wish David a long and successful career with Drummond Laurie. david a blog

We are also taking this opportunity to start a new ongoing blog we are calling “DL Q&A”, where we use the blog as an opportunity to get to know our staff on a more personal basis with some short, rapid-fire questions and so, who better to start with than David.

Where were you born?

Stirling Royal Infirmary.

Are you married / Do you have a partner?

Yes, I have been married to Heather for almost 3 years and we have a son, James, who turned 1 before Christmas.

If so, where did you meet your partner?

We were set up on a blind date by friends because, as I was an accountant and Heather was a maths teacher, they thought we would at least have numbers in common!  The rest is history!

Tell us something we might not know about you.

I am a big fan of American football and am going to see my favourite team, the Indianapolis Colts, this October in London.

Where is your favourite place in the World?

I have been lucky enough to do a fair amount of traveling and would have to say Whistler in Canada was fantastic.  It is laid back, scenic, with lots to do.

If you could invite anyone to dinner, who would it be?

I was recently at an event where Sir Alex Ferguson was speaking and he seems like the kind of person that has lots of great stories from the football world and beyond but you would also be able to learn a lot from.

david a blog2If you won the lottery, what would you buy first?

I have always wanted to convert my garage into a golf lounge and so I think that would be the type of thing that would take lottery money to achieve!

Finally, share with us one of your favourite pictures.

We did a photo shoot just before Christmas and this was one of my favourite pictures from this of my son and I (my wife is to thank for the matching outfits!)