When Drummond Laurie started just over 9 years ago now, we had a vision of providing a workplace where people felt excited and motivated at coming to their work. We wanted to create an environment where people felt challenged, fulfilled, rewarded and part of an organisation where people at all levels have the ability to contribute to the success of the business, with a real passion to add value and make a difference to our client base.

We are very proud of each and every member of our team where, everyone has their part to play and so we are absolutely delighted to announce three senior promotions within our team this month.

Robert McMillan has been promoted to Director within the business.  Robert has worked alongside lots of us now for many years and, to name a few qualities, he is a hard-working, down to earth, well respected and popular member of our team.   He works alongside some of our largest clients always providing a very high level of advice, technical expertise and dedication, as well as making time for our team coaching and encouraging them in their day to day work.  He is an excellent role model to his colleagues and his promotion is in recognition of his continued hard work, commitment and dedication.

We also have two promotions with our growing Outsourcing team Chris Todd to Senior Manager and Michelle Collins to Manager.  Chris and Michelle have both worked with the team since they were trainees and so it is great to see them progress within the business.

The Outsourcing department throughout this time has changed considerably in terms of the number of staff within the team, the number of clients we service and the variety of services we provide.  Both Chris and Michelle have been instrumental in the development and changes we have witnessed in Outsourcing which has established itself as a key part of the Drummond Laurie Business.  Clients more than ever are realising the importance of receiving reliable and timely management information along with robust advice to assist them in managing and growing their own businesses.

Together with our two new Partner appointments within the last quarter of 2022 we are very proud of the fact that each of these five promotion candidates started as trainee accountants within the current management team, and through their own hard work and commitment over the years have gone on to help mould, shape and make a real difference to our business and in doing so they in return have enjoyed a very rewarding career.  This is something that is virtually unheard of in today’s world, it’s not something that happens by chance – it is facilitated by doing the simple things right!

This month we have launched various vacancies within our business and we would like to invite you to consider joining our expanding and experienced team and in return we can promise you a varied and meaningful career with us. Don’t just take our word for it, please visit our “join our team page to listen to some of our team tell you about our business and the work environment we have created in their own words. All of our vacancies are listed on our website and we would be happy to hear from you anytime!