Drummond Laurie Chartered Accountants

We were delighted recently to be invited to take part in a video with Developing Young Workforce Forth Valley and we were even more delighted when Jessica, one of our C.A. Trainees agreed to be our star for the day!

DYW exists to encourage and support businesses to create and develop meaningful, sustainable partnerships that develop young people by engaging directly with education, and encouraging local businesses to employ more young people.

Here are a few good reasons to be involved:

  • helping young people develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge for your business
  • inspiring young people to work for you and securing a talent flow
  • promoting a positive awareness of your business in the community
  • promoting improved career choices and supporting diversity in the workplace
  • giving something back to your community
  • applying the perspective and skills of young people to your business challenges
  • providing development opportunities for your staff
  • it makes good business sense!

All employers, regardless of size and type, can make a valuable contribution to preparing young people for the world of work, and it makes good business sense to get involved in developing your potential workforce.

To see Jessica’s video click here

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