Given the developing coronavirus situation we are putting practical measures in place to respond in a practical and proportionate manner.  These measures put people’s (both our own team and our clients) health and wellbeing first, whilst also ensuring business continuity for our clients.

We are following the Government’s latest advice, and will continue to do so, and are giving our teams regular updates, support and guidance.  We now want to share with you how we will continue to support you in this fast-changing situation in the coming days and weeks.

Our established business continuity plan guides how we respond.  We anticipate that our teams will increasingly work and communicate with you remotely.  We are confident that we can continue to offer the same high levels of service and support that you have come to expect from us.  We would note the following in particular;

  • The vast majority of our team have access to the necessary software and systems to allow them to work remotely.  Many of them already do this on a regular basis.
  • You will be able to contact most of your key contacts by telephone using the usual numbers in the event of an office closure (which we are not anticipating at present).
  • We are already a “paperless” business and so are used to working without access to hard copy records.
  • Our payroll team are all capable of working remotely and this will be a priority service for us to continue unaffected for obvious reasons.
  • We have the ability to manage Bacs payments remotely and again this will help ensure that our client’s staff and key suppliers continue to be paid at the appropriate times.

We would also note that we have telephone and video conferencing facilities in place and these can easily be used temporarily in place of face to face meetings.

We appreciate your understanding and can assure you of our commitment to continuing to support you and your businesses through these unprecedented times.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch with your usual Drummond Laurie contacts should you have any questions on the above.

David Wheeler, Ian Bilsland & Mary Jack, Partners