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HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) can open an enquiry into your personal or business tax return at any time. No reason needs to be given for opening enquiries and many thousands are started every year at random.

Consider the following;

  • The Government has a massive and growing national debt so the Treasury must find additional sources of income.
  • The number of people being investigated by the tax man has more than doubled compared to 2011/12.
  • The number of self-employed people investigated has more than quadrupled in that time.
  • Annual prosecutions have risen sevenfold in three years.

Our Tax Investigations Service is designed to reimburse the costs of your defence in the event that you and/or your business are selected for enquiry.  It is worth considering that the representation costs for a typical tax investigation can often escalate, not because you have made a mistake, but because you are required to prove yourself innocent of any wrongdoing.  We believe our service will provide you with the best possible representation and protection against the threat of a tax enquiry, and would note the following in particular;

  • Our service allows Drummond Laurie to work with you on any enquiry, unlike some other schemes that appoint the insurer’s representative to work on the case.
  • Our service is “fully comprehensive” and will provide cover in virtually all enquires, (the main exception being where fraud is involved), unlike some other schemes where the vast majority of enquiries are excluded from cover.
  • We can work on the case for as long as required to ensure you get the best possible outcome, without you worrying about escalating accountancy fees.
  • Our service is backed up by a team of investigation specialists who are on hand for advice and support if and when required.

As a further benefit of the service you will also have unlimited 24/7 access to an expert Business Legal Helpline which can answer queries relating to Employment Law, Health & Safety matters and commercial issues.

Should you wish to find out more  about this service please do not hesitate to contact your usual Drummond Laurie contact.tax2