Drummond Laurie Chartered Accountants

This year Mike McLean spent his summer with us, here’s his view.

My fantastic summer has nearly come to an end. Having had no prior experience working as an accountant – or even working in an office – I couldn’t have hoped for a better place to work. I’ve had a great eleven weeks working with a very patient team, who were always on hand to help.  The team made sure I performed a wide range of tasks in order to give me as much experience as possible. I really didn’t expect to be given as much responsibility as I have been, but I’ve been delighted with the contribution I’ve been able to make over the summer and it has really helped build my confidence.

I’m so pleased to have been given the opportunity to put my knowledge I’ve gained at university into practice, and I have really enjoyed pushing myself. The internship consolidated my existing knowledge and helped to build upon this, learning something new every single day.

This summer has given me a huge confidence boost along with the motivation to complete my degree, and I’m hoping to follow this  up by studying to become a chartered accountant. The ACCA & ICAS students have been so helpful and were always willing to help – even when I asked my millionth question! Having the opportunity to speak to the students has given me a good idea of what life as a CA student would be like.

It really wouldn’t have been the same without such a welcoming and helpful team so I would like to thank them for that. There’s always something going on in the office which I really enjoyed – I almost averaged a slice of cake a week during my time here through birthdays and weddings!

Thanks again to Drummond Laurie for giving me such an excellent opportunity.

Thank you to you for all your hard work and best of luck Mike in your last year at university, keep in touch.